Increasingly Bitter And Iced

Turned on my social radio only to hear yelling, screaming from all directions, oh don’t you care super dumb and stupid?!

Leave my digital house to take a walk in silence where appreciation resides without anger and violence, audience if I blend in, emotional currents currently conducting destruction.

Festering anxiety, do what we say when it’s said or die an enemy, same cycles without different spoken tones, eager in grinding new batches of broken bones,

Catch cracks, they say hating hate by hating love prevails without weakness, destroying flesh and blood tasting how potential heroes become villains guided by emotional warfare.

Time to speak, time to tell, when is it time to help one another yeah ring the bells, circles of familiar patterns is this not familiar to anyone?

Consume waste but don’t complain of its taste, there is always something foul in human waters,

Shouldn’t ignore cries and injustice adds more weeping, but what are our weapons, who is in control, be angry but don’t sin, if flesh and blood is the target who grins?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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