Sensual Detour Downtown

I’d love to blame something or someone else for my sensual pursuits

Hey, she should have held me tighter

Well, I mean he didn’t have to pass me the lighter

That food consumption made my darkness brighter

Gotta prove my masculinity become a prizefighter

Round weary clocks, stopwatches don’t stop, drool from my lack of intelligence, wet socks

Anything preventing guilt and repentance end of the day swear I’m finished


Wake up with brand new excuses prepared completely replenished on and on

Tell me how I stink, in need of deodorant antiperspirant roll-on sticking to basics basically self-deception it’s self-explanatory

Allegory among several categories, even my flesh is like this is an easy mode you bore me tripping easily for nonsense without defense plate filled with consequence it’s so tiring

Faulty wiring um yeah sparks occur blurry vision doesn’t help navigation when I refuse to concur need Holy waters in my daily showers

Most high God And Lord Jesus plant beautiful flowers and trees especially fond of mustard seeds please I believe help my unbelief.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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