Pills Promise Pathetic Paths

Let me go,

Somewhere I won’t be a burden,

Can I,

See the sky and calm my mind,

Prevent self-pity,

From stealing another show,

Sometimes I’m too dramatic in my thoughts.


Bring me out of cherished shadows,

Remind me other things are important,

No need to stay alone for so long,

Drugs won’t keep the light I need at home.


Use and reuse,

Further from peace,

Bad thoughts won’t cease,

It takes more to feel any release,

Everyone just glares like I’m dead,

Lies say I’m already deceased,

Graffiti in bold fonts in this head,

Oh any distraction through my senses,

Pretend to be secure walls but they are open fences.


I need time to think.

God I’m so lost I forget how to blink and keep my eyes open.

Will you,

Fix me?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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