Timer In My Chest

With you I smile because one day I’ll be dead, you’ll never see me again.

Funerals aren’t the place to talk, no possibility for deep conversations.

So I’ve been trying to get closer than close before I can’t.

Chest pains, headaches, elevated vitals, mistakes, and time keeps counting.

You’ll miss genuine smiles and daydreaming when my body is cremated.


Why wait until it’s too late?

Humans always wait until the last hours, last days, after the buzzer, to love each other.

Don’t pray for us after death while we stand now, stand ground, this could be the last shots fired from my keyboard then I’ll stand down until the resurrection.


I know my timer is shortened, you ask why I’m impatient certain things not so important.

Don’t know as I do and I must play fair there are always rules as I pretend later will be available, sadly not true.

Smile as you walk away vowing to return, life a game of clueless clues nothing glued, make your choice intentions screwing screws all screwed.

When I smile, celebrating the time we have.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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