Bath Word Bomb

Gifted words, dried on her papers, for me

Bring my curiosity to maximum exploration levels, I want, to know, what she dabbles in

Lyric paintbrush, poetic breath, blessed mazes leading to redemption if I’m patient

Don’t dare spoil our mission by being easy, believe me, I want to unravel your lines about us carefully

Touch my back and giggle with punchlines wiggling room inside questions labeled attraction satisfaction, no fornication, sincere statements.


You are worth involvement


I’ll read past bedtime bedside lamp exhausted time train track I’ve lost it

Payload in route to responses off the top freestyle voice messages poets love love above hate plugged in this repetition record you’ll spin snapping fingers shaking hips what if, butterfly stomach trips

Messing with the right one writers melt pens I’ll mess around and type a letter too my handwriting is awful but affection thoughtful.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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