Choir With Hard Instrumentals

Drawing closer as windows close, all exposed are old foes in new clothes, can’t doze or hesitate surely these enemies feel puffed up max level greats,

Human hate regarding skin still very much in, from all sides people attempting to reach Heaven with slides skipping over knowledge we’re all one in Christ Jesus,

Pleased with worshipping pride, forgetting grace and mercy are our tires God provides, without Jesus there’s no ride better take heed and abide.


My master tells me to speak up, Heavenly Father teach us to put the whole armor on daylight to night long strong in the savior, blessed by Holy favor, respect and care demonstrated to each and every neighbor

I’m trying to dance in the gate, seeing eyes of fire elevate as we breakdance to a perfect fix excellent mix approved boxes ticked, solid and trusted surroundings nothing slick no need for John Wick

Peace and harmony for all time times one, he’s better than unexpected Sunday morning cinnamon rolls or buns or a debit card with unlimited funds without reason to run.


I’ll draw closer, Jesus on my superhero posters, what I formerly did beneath like a coaster got me popping up in praise call Edmond a toaster, as long as you let me flow God let my heart know how much you love me, serious relationship, God you’re every highlight in my life I’ve checked the clips

Better than any gun you’re the definition of accurate exactly precisely bullseye every try no lie, who made the target and the weapons defeat revered thoughtlessness in the world have them guessing in a courtroom no sound arguments they stay resting, confused children stay messing,

You stay steady giving blessings.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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