INFJ battle

When I let an idea in

And it comes with a person

Hold on wide-eyed

Only to find it wasn’t good

Now it’ll take seventy lifetimes to erase

Dismayed I let my walls down


Don’t look at me

I’m hideous when I need to heal

Pouring stagnant water out

I’ll take all of my energy to eradicate doubts

I’ll be safe to try again

Somewhere else with brand new hands.


This moment I feel, filthy

Used, manipulated by my leap

After this I’ll return and shut my castle up

Gotta reach out but I’ll need prayer instead of luck

God I’m a mess crumbled up

Don’t look at me in this corner sobbing as a super fool

Kiss my forehead and say it’ll be fine

Safe to try again gotta get April out of my mind.

May I?

3 thoughts on “INFJ Cuts

  1. Hi Edmond, your writing is so powerful. I love this one especially–since I am an INFJ also, I totally understand and feel every word. I found you on INF club which I joined just a month or so ago. I love connecting with creative people like you that I can learn from. Looking forward to more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your compliments and I’m glad to hear you relate. Always love fellow INFJs especially and I’m glad you’re in the club! I’ll gladly connect and see what you’re up to as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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