Stale Sufferings

God, I’m tangled.

Now exhausted thinking I’ll just lay still.

Wrestling this issue until my fight is done.


Check my heart, entirely.

I’m missing clues, parts, boundaries, regarding where to start, stop, drop, I flop, call me fish out of water man.

Say I’m fine burning up in gasoline, in a metal garbage can, I’m fine, I’m fine, I am not.


Straightforward, speaking freely Lord, I’m tired of this train.

On the other side, my understanding hasn’t been my best friend.

I’m tangled, not sure, if I’m sure, walking purely pure, before reacting I need seven PowerPoint presentations with maps.

Two angels, Jesus Christ himself, the Holy Spirit’s voice, a few visions, and God, God, I’m a mess.


Plainly, I need guidance and your peace inside, please.

All these roads look similar plus the flesh plays games and I don’t want to.

I’ll lay at your feet, touch my face, and tell me to be still.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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