Sigh Gaps

Which is more beautiful?

A personally presented full or empty plate?

I have a feeling you like the empty one.

My back turned so you are not sure of my expressions.

Excited and enticed by indifference mixed with misdirection.

Partial responses, deep shrugs, riddles, keeping you guessing.


True love to me, doesn’t want to wait for nudges.

A lover meant for me, doesn’t need to be pulled along.

Why do I have to ask you over when you should be like me, unable to hold up with any length of time away?

Getting mad when I say it’s been weeks, yeah, here come excuses and blame.


Well, you didn’t ask me to come,

Well, you didn’t ask to see me,

I was waiting for you to make plans,



They’ll say you never told and clues were playing hide without seeking.

We’d drive through Raccoon City to be with them and they can’t find our safe street for weeks.

We’re supposed to smile and say everything is fine, it’s okay.

No video chat, no attempts to come back, stomach sick of this.

Laying as a dead body with an ability to speak.

Okay yeah, I love you, and how you manage to stay out of reach.


Then it’s, am I selfish?

I’d risk my life to hold them again and they can’t spend time seeing their best friend.

Followed by, am I asking too much?

I just want at least a weekly visit without having to ask.

Why don’t understand?

You say the right things but never move.

Why don’t I understand?

You don’t love me as much as I love you.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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