Fear Tower’s Station

Still fighting fear as I carefully draw near yeah it’s plainly seen

Fear’s stronghold in the background getting down as I suit up with the armor

Fear rattles loud with slippery serpents seemingly immune to charmers

If I had proper authority I’d call in well-skilled well-equipped bombers

King from above says the fight is mine although the battle and power is his

Obey and believe it’s already won unbelief blocks the sun, believe the Son

Ready to step away from living in caves as a solider it’s dumb

Unless assigned to one, and I’m not, asked to shine lights it’s getting hot minds rot

Prince of the air playing Anita Baker, giving the best that he’s got

His children say play it again, and he responds saying it doesn’t stop.

On the other side of it all, I just don’t want to fail God

Jesus died for me and here I am concerned with rent

He asks for tithes I act like I can’t, hand broken, twisted, bent

Then ask why I’m not trusted with more after it’s spent

In my understanding which isn’t much, God’s eyes roll regarding me

Asking the Heavenly Host if they see my foolishness, calamity

But where do these thoughts arrive from surely not his Holy Majesty

Tricks and schemes, can’t love someone completely if eggshells scream

Walking on tiptoes afraid of catching a Godly elbow or a voice from Heaven yelling NO!

Doing something then God steps out from a bush

Ha! I thought so! Caught ya!

It is written that God works in his children to both will and do of his good pleasure

Liar accusing the Father of using crooked measures

And fear, might be the most deadly silent killer painting life as a horror thriller

Imagine an enemy lying in your ear until someone you love turns into a nightmare

They stand with arms open but you don’t care.


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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