Ski Mask god

I thought God was a murderer

Around corners with a burner up

Soon as I make a mistake, face meet rake

Scrape off all my toenails

In anger regarding Jesus assault from above with talons

The world telling me he hates all

Can’t rest until innocent people fail

Then laugh wickedly throwing them in jail

If they beg for mercy say he’ll say oh well

Flipped spikes if you dare ask for a bike

Snakes if you ask him if he’s alright

People teach upside down dark light

But in the end I asked myself if it sounded logic tight, no


Implants in the church so the world cries foe

Goats and wolves among sheep pastor fast asleep

Creeping demon doctrines murdering the unaware meek

The enemy loves distractions unsatisfaction teaching God’s love is weak

Got people thinking Hell doesn’t exist or is a cozy place to be

How can an all-loving God create such a place

Enemy won’t say it’s because of him the father of lies

Humans he hates but will play with them hoping they won’t open eyes

Making deals knowing full well in the end his schemes will break

Deceiving people saying in Heaven he’ll jump out of a cake and tada!


Very slick liar spinster

Try to eat you before you figure out who he wants for dinner

Gotta pray and think why the world hates you so much

Inception turn around when the deception is up

Working hard to keep you hating yourself

Or thinking you know everything about what you can’t see by what you can see

Lest you walk in power praying every single hour for the kingdom of righteousness

And hey, he had me fooled I couldn’t pray in fear

Scared lighting and brimstone would suddenly appear

Told you I thought God sat on his throne with a ski mask on

Glad he corrected me boy oh boy was I wrong.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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