Fixing News

Day by daybreak

Another note while we can

Before we’re stripped

Of who we are,

Keep pouring transparency

Even without reads

They’ll catch up soon enough

Exposure to alternate views picking up.


Their answer sheets are incorrect

Hardened hearts with stiffened necks

So tired of temporary fixes

Formulated in reliance to vanity

Is it any wonder your foundation shifts?


Designed to bring you back

Filling as a dinner plate of air

They feed still hunger never disappears

We write to strengthen your investigative curiosity

If any remains,

So good believing in man

In the same position as you

Greatest deception ever

Is the enemy behind your death

Wearing an expensive suit on a microphone.


We warn you every day

Who has believed our report

This isn’t a flesh and blood battle

Disbelief doesn’t impress any judge at court.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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