Blushing Blemish

She needs special occasions to come close and I want more

Wears me, an accessory grabbed after the fact but I want more

Says I am loved but can’t walk close and I want more

Yeah maybe one day and well we’ll see what happens for her encore.


Why won’t you wait for me to get around to you, sincerely she asks this

I have other plans so if you walk away or make demands it won’t be fair

Our history gives me legal rights

She spat in my face twice before and always says have a good night.


Please, God, please

Help me get over this disrespectful cage

Please, God, please

Give me the strength to escape.


Wants reports if I’m looking for someone else

There will be no alert I’m not waiting for her timing anymore

Many reasons why our love is disconnected cast to the floor

Someone else deserves my love

Go and live how you will, this zoo take it from me

I don’t want to know how you are

Remove her from my thoughts and life


Bold in all things except commitment

I’ve been her kite blowing in turbulent winds

Waste, waste, waste.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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