Knives Placed In A Lair

photo of person inside cave
Photo by Brady Knoll on

I’ll never bother you on your throne

So busy knowing all that can be known

Any affection shown immediately stomped

Seeing your face spins my stomach

Waste of a pretty face and a disservice to beauty

Slicing anyone who wants joy to return home

Across the street I longed to know you

Behind our screens I wished to know more

Then I was met with poisoned arrows dipped in hate

The biggest smile recorded while bringing darkness.


Sour words flow

Straight from your heart

Is there any rest from your murders

Any safe haven from your tongue’s brutality

Broken bones that would heal are broken again

Sympathy isn’t among your vocabulary

Yet somewhere in the pits yeah somewhere in the scary halls

A crying child sits alone with a dozen knives

Aligned so they may be thrown anytime someone discovers her lair.


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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