Tombstone Practice

Offline and away from all noise was my time

Until it was taken away and the bedside lamp knows my hurt

Hope the wall you watch enjoys the view

Comfortable while I sink into a place I’ve never been

When a comfortable bed becomes an abandoned runway to me

But a bustling airport for fear and anxiety airlines

Never any layovers

Crushing my eyelids so rivers don’t show

I rather die than expose my infected wounds

Laying here sick without any possible insurance regarding assurance of a recovery

Oh how you bring the saddest most tragic pens to my speech


Just one night

And your silence is too much

So I’m going to stay up

Pray until the moon and sun quit

Until my lips crumble into dust

Then I’ll pray for another set

Just to pick up where I left off

Asking why murder was attempted

By giving me the silent treatment and refusing to let me hold you.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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