Garbage Post: On A Different Planet At The Same Time On A Different Channel

Under abandoned bridges spreading bibles by the page on the stage of interesting developments unheard of five years before

Knocks on the door hiding scriptures under the floor beaten asked for more information possibly killed due to lack of participation black glove hands waiting

I’m moving silently but cameras still detect hit in the back of the neck with all disrespect refuse to speak receive tacks nails and hammers to the feet

I hope it never ever will be and never ever comes unfortunately brothers and sisters overseas already introduced to rapidly firing guns scalpels

Falling away isn’t going to be a smart thing to do as ambassadors are of somewhere else knowing what the Prince of the air likes to pursue

Working through some claiming they don’t believe he exists as if it saves them from misuse yeah an innocent party band tagged on the wrists

When sorcery is done right before your eyes brought in stereo before your ears and being blinded people rake yea take it in applause mislead cheers

Calm down get back to your distractions or else boy your compliance provisions eliminated explain to your family as they are devastated

Waves running through the body how did they spot me oh it’s everywhere they got spots to see without seeing tripwires you ain’t leaving

All for temporary pleasures crooked weights and balances bent without remedy imprisonment isn’t imprisonment if you go drugged and happily

Watch neighbors turn each other in for an extra ration children tattle as they witnessed parents doing it to others

No matter what happens let’s not be smothered or let our hearts wax cold then they say yeah right every single card folds.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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