Well Said Beloved

Drawing attention behind scenes so what do you mean saying keep it quiet keep it clean while I’m doing work against those in an understatement quote mean

Lean neither right or left while approaching where I need to be and if they cause stumbling I’ll pretend to be a Hollywood villain unaffected still on course

Train my voice for battle shouts helping out my spiritual family watching out for wolves and goats they spam and scam thee if unaware so we wear the whole armor resisting and reporting snares


In training coming up to apply the sword on one accord sever all of the enemies cords while praising in chords to our Lord never bored always work to do hymns to sing

And don’t dare laugh at level one recruits destined for medals saluting the same King you salute or find pride gets the boot any grace bestowed on mute back to class without a suit

Battling unseen powers every minute every hour determined to make sweet sour kill steal destroy before the chosen cast down enemy towers strongholds pretty steep but our God’s depths are deep

Brought and bought for a time such as this clenched fist trained properly to resist and insist on heavenly power and bliss instead temporary worldly pits which trip and snip dislocating hips


While most are entertained with sensual fantasy stories there’s a real battle unseen to which we can participate and the sun is leaving moon appearing it’s getting very late

Some count his long-suffering as slackness but we know better trying to save all given sacrificing even our very lives to bring the harvest home accounted for and approved aware of his goodness

Surely what I suffer now is nothing compared with seeing my King’s face illuminated and approving within his light I find power to keep moving in obedience so I can rap sing and rock giving him honor in Heavenly places feet stomp respect yeah slang speak props


The only like I need

His eyes I hope read

Nod his head

Say yes beloved well said.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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