Garbage Post: Global Treachery

Soundtrack your days

Magnify his ways

I’m on multiple missions

Ambassador in training

Gaining strength in praying

Praying for you

Government saying you better not speak

God is too far can’t reach

But trust them

All men weak

Across all borders

Abandoning unrighteous orders

Sneaking scripture in,

Sorry man but God wins

Y’all get winds

In empty tight fists

Before the guillotines

Executions on television screens

We listen through headphones

Then step out sometimes alone

Watching the main killers

Say peace then kill ya

Lie and say they are not safe

Because you have faith

Oh it’s not that bad huh

Prepare for the case

When you can’t come out your own home

Which isn’t your home

Busy forcing unknown technology under the dome

Silly to question

You still haven’t learned any lessons

Believe a suit and position means trust

To deceive you it doesn’t take much

So soundtrack your days

Pay attention when a suspenseful song plays.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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