Desolation 6

Disrespectful to ask, are you going to stay under this roof, when, I, don’t have enough to last through the upcoming war of lies

So, I’ll chase you off, make sure you don’t care about me at all so if I fall, you’ll be insensitive as I’m lost

I’ll be thinking of you while you’re secure, thinking of reading under any trees they haven’t destroyed

Burning in my rightful isolation without any hands to hold, embracing the cold air out of my heart as I settle down to embrace my expiration

A fitting last chapter to an outsider wanting to stay, at least I got to know you before being swept away in nothingness

Wiping a few stray tears then gathering myself for one last ride through town chucking my useless smartphone into the garbage

Smiling and laughing while wrapping my hands with tape, breathing heavily applying a mask to my face mumbling give mercy and compassion

Then I kick the door open and see desolation on one side and peace on the other.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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