Garbage Post: But He Dirty

Worn jeans don’t equal anything

Still swinging mental fists in Winter

Bring me closer to appreciating bad days

Remove complaining or being jealous at the world

Temporary thrills soon to be lost pearls

Gold paper shredded in an emergency we’ll forget it

Drinking from cups designed for men without luck

Seemingly abandoned to bitter winds virtually stuck

Typing with worn gloves nicknamed Swiss cheese

Clean but they say poverty is a spreadable disease

Avoid the kid he isn’t dressed properly as if a man is outside

They’ll be deceived by Satan wearing fine suits latest ties

Behold the gutter brings forth kings and fine warriors

Pretty raiment today used as rags covering the bottom of damaged bags

Dirty cups inside but to the onlookers a better choice

Ignoring spoiled fruit eating it anyway unaware of whispers mixed therein

Worn pants prophets slapped and scorned

Until the sky is ripped open clouds torn with Holy trumpets blessed horns.


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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