Garbage Post: Edmond’s Murky Visual Leading To Clarity


This is my examination table

My private room in silence

And no one hears me scream through changes

I’m undergoing some extreme procedures

Unseen performance life in a hidden theater

Why am I breathing soon to be discovered

Packed with problems tied unto each other

Got goodies too unknown to all okay maybe known to a few

I spit in my house on imaginary microphones

In public I long to be silent basically left alone

Still I can wear an extrovert mask causing energy to depart fast

Back under personal clouds I’m fighting for clarity

I think there’s something more than great in God Almighty

Flaws ripping my outlook and yes I’m fighting with right hooks

Spiritual eyes refreshed in holy books

Surgery underway

Through written windows

You get to see inside my head

All the good

Mostly bad

And I’m not ashamed because you’re the same

Different mix

Same blood

We all have need of repairs so judgment seems insane

What am I hoping for

I’m hoping to stop talking to the world like we’re friends

Be true to my true home

Asking my doctor to remove anything not beneficial to a greater purpose

Coming home ashamed

I wasn’t who I wanted to be today

Surgery needed right away

Unlike my previous method of cutting myself

Praying pleading with tears for help

Writing down my errors

Posting so you’ll beware

See the fare

See how I dare

To admit my flaws

Putting off the old man

Letter after letter


In a world of perfect people

You don’t need a doctor Mr. Complete

Mrs. Perfection you’re already better than me

And I’m unworthy of your air

I’ll sit over here with rejected people

Bullied almost to death

Rescued by a stumbling block

For what you call foolishness

Don’t need your praise to feel alive

Stars swimming in my opinions

Already dead but lying

Promising accurate directions

Senses incorrect

So much more to life than what I’ve been told

Once you see through the curtain you can’t look back

And pretend to fit in

It doesn’t feel the same so remove negative programming’s grip

Gears will fail and I slip unless I’m changed

Ask about me I’ve always been an unknown

Operation room welcomed and some pain is necessary to become grown

No apology for the havoc

I tell him to have at it

Let’s see what I become in the light

Will I choose to stand upright

Or emotional responses reattach

Led by base desires without scripture or logic to match

Mixed in with the largest batch of the same

Crowd mentality think

Blindfolded eyes blink

When told they can

A new creature

Vessel prepared for work

Spotless through and for the light

Not temporary or counterfeit

Verified legit

Nothing else matters down here

Breaking free from my own prison

A better creed.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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