Father Time

Asking for things is easy.

Running off after asking again.

How about asking what you want?

Stopping by, just to ask for help then leave, doesn’t feel right,

Only saying hi when I need something doesn’t seem like a good relationship.

How are you?

What can I do to make you happy as you’ve done to me?

You came looking for us in the garden planned perfectly.

Wanted to talk and be close giving your love free.

Instead found your creation disobeyed, hiding, refusing to believe.

I try to imagine my children running away content to ignore when I speak.

Only stopping by to ask for something new.

Only messages like hey what else can you do for me?

Never concerned with how I feel or what I may need.

Never sincerely asking how I am or for words in peace.

How are you?

What can I help with?

Do you want to talk for a while?

Is it too hard to say I love you?

Very difficult to say thank you?

Oh you’re not a gimme give me machine.

I’ll worship, play, obey, surrender at your feet.

Just like a child.

Do you want to talk for a while?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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