Sunday Tea

Viewpoint switch

Perspective mix

Stagnant yesterday so before sunrise I apologized

Set my eyes on above this morning blessed within mourning

Without direction yesterday today I’m being led

Spiritual dew providing refreshments upon this bed

Huddle with the Trinity before I leave my nest

Taking up my cross denying self to enter into God’s rest

Twenty-four hours ago I was quite a mess

Hope has returned I have vital lessons to learn flesh to assassinate in pursuit of Heaven’s gate without a wait correct my mind state participate in the light

Feet and actions corrected aimed right good days better nights higher flight in the skies designed in his ultimate wisdom the greatest of all kingdoms

Mind renewal obtained by word washing raised with Jesus Christ after my baptism coffin and I pray for the Holy Spirit to speak very often

Heart to be softened

New glasses new view new paths all directions he gives if unsure I’ll ask this is a stranger passing through.

Sunday morning clothes are worn every day

Church service held in a quiet space before I leave my nest

Mysterious ways truly mysterious

I sing new songs in my shower

I sing new songs feeling his power

I sing new songs every day maybe twenty-four like hours

Driving in the car obtaining new mercy

My merit inadequate correct accurate

Jesus paid and is the way therefore I thank him securely saved

Greatest and best decision I’ve ever pondered then made

He’s better than a Carolina southern glass of ice tea enjoyed in summer shade

Got these lenses adjusted always glad I pray instead of laying down defeated upon my miserable face

Not only taught how to run blessed with how to keep pace.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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