Garbage Post: Walking Partnerships

Never meant to walk with them

Fitting in impossible

Plain to see in this hour

Meant to find a narrow path

And I’m not much to see

Underdog E D M O N D I like it

Glory to God

He uses rejects to show his power

Separated from family and friends

I’m poor by their eyes

Got a treasure chest above gaining interest

Laugh at my name who am I

Can’t understand as seeing they don’t see

Hearing they don’t hear

I’m focused on rising with Christ when he appears

They’re focused on potent drugs

Worldly acclaim

Souls traded for temporary fame

Never meant to walk with them.

Did I fit in

They’re telling stories laughing at my past

I laugh too

They say I’m stupid when I do

Imagine pausing a movie never watching the end


That’s the story you’ll remember

Testimony blind regarding what is

Past man dead no longer lives

Quick to disagree

Especially when I refuse to bow a single knee

Vengeance is mine I’ll repay surely he’ll speak with thee

Hard-headed but there was a purpose

Y’all never look deeper than the surface, friendship worthless

And I pray for my enemies

Used to pray they die in the dark

Now I pray God enters and stirs peace in hearts

Nevertheless I keep distance.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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