Pulled By Toes Or Tear Box

Box of all my tears written out

On display before I’m taken out

Fear within and fear without

Box all of my tears and see if they can help out

Doubt they will get me out

Pulled by tears into the Earth is how this feels.

Friend, I swear I’m close to where I want to be

But cannot cross the finish line to start


Box of my feelings

Dripping tears on every floor


Receiving no answer

None I can hear

Everything inside of me feels abandoned

Have I missed a line or refuse to answer when my Heavenly Father called

These are the times to draw closer

When it all seems miserable

Daily life grim

Empty when everyone I see seems to prevail

I’m pulled under

Someone is grabbing unsuspecting toes around here.


Rumors pouring in

Mighty rains



You violently throw my pleas away

I say here, Father, but you just crumble my work and throw it away

This is what the say

Surely such statements aren’t true

Some say I love writing to a brick wall

Writing to be toilet paper and nothing more

So I’ll, bring, my, tears, INSTEAD

I’ll, bring, a box of tears, hold them to your face and cry fresh ones every night.

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