Humility Square

I remember running around trees with friends and family, happy

Before evil tried to trap me, all colors of skin spitting on me saying I should die

Started looking down ashamed of the sky, couldn’t explain it

And in my tears these days my childhood haunts without mercy

Verses and verses still feel dirty covered in curses

Heavenly Father reading my Psalms, nodding his head

Acknowledging how the enemy still wants Edmond to end up forsaken, dead

And I’ll write until my spirit is taken

And I’ll write crying out to God, patiently waiting

Even as this all appears to be nothing, a waste of time

God, I know you understand my heart and sacrifices bringing forth every line as I expose my weaknesses before you and all

An arm out for any fellow human climbing out of personal pits

Suicide wants fornication or even worse a marriage bringing death by incorrect logic Satanic carriage

She’ll smile as I suffer, laugh if I crash my car on purpose

Breakdance if I cry out for peace only to see demons surface

And I miss those trees, Lord God let me see as you see

I’m assaulted within and without

Poems for healing entering hearts and then readers see past fog and decay

And I pray for all, everywhere, under different flags, different communities

Be blessed with peace of mind, find unity

Before our trees are cut down, an unbootable computer only capable of shutting down.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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