After A Title Loss


Pick me up after I have fallen again, utterly defeated with plenty of time left for the enemy to taunt and dance around the ring of life

Oh I swore I was ready only to be defeated in the first round without a single sign of sweat in the other corner

Embarrassed doesn’t even open the door to the shame I feel and there is no one to blame for my defeat but the beaten man in the mirror

You tried to warn me but I’m hard-headed surely now I regret it

While you teach me to fight correctly and heal, I’ll diligently listen this time


What do I know

My way has steered me here defeated

What do I know

Everything I touch fails

Until you teach me how to hold all things

I might as well stand still and yet still I break that I should build

Teach me the right way.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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