Query Leaf Extract

Guilty but I’ll get over getting over what I feel walking away.

This isn’t a good time for us as it appears we’ll be stuck apart.

Tossed-flopped in bed like a fish out of water wrapped up in newspaper dying to be dead.

I’m easily moved by what we could be and it starts as fire ends as dying tree.

Highly excited like this will work only to be slapped in the face with reality it hurts it, burns.

Other cheek isn’t spared there’s another turn even more firm.


Strip my heart down, to the basics I need to live.

Don’t let me fall or stand for someone else.

Please. Please.


Removing myself from this pain I’ve seen this train it takes me again to hardheadedville while I carry a cup of tears that always spill.

Asking God why I’m foolish these days thinking something might change when life isn’t arranged to hold anyone no one will stay so CUT ME DEEP WHILE I AM FAST ASLEEP!

Strip my heart down to bare necessities, please.


I’ll learn, one day.

Just can’t stay out of the fire.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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