DM from Suicide

*Suicide sliding into a direct message*

Hey friend,

I see things are hard plus tiring so try expiring. It will bring relief, all of the constant uncertainty will cease. Hear me out, there’s no stability in anything. Bees cannot swarm as effectively as doubts. You’ve been swimming in and out, barely able to use your mouth. Plus this religion only goes so far, when you stumble, God smashes any progress you’ve made while subjecting the soul to dirty blades.

Instead of going further adding to failures, brother, cash out now. I bet angels will applaud while Jesus smiles joyfully exclaiming wow.  Friend, I know it. You’ve been wasting time as some unknown layman poet making lyrics from music created and even unheard melodies but who knows it? Listen, boy, it’s obviously just a waste of time you could be spending buying a gun ending with an epic line of adieu, no hope comes sitting on a pew. It will come when the gun sermon runs you through.

It’s okay, I’m trying to help. Surely you’ve sensed being alone in an ever-growing mess. Perhaps salvation is a step away just take two to the chest. Who said your words will save any souls? Please elaborate on the origin of said goals. Yes, you were given a boat but marvel ye at detailed gaping holes within! Impossible to float, lean to your understanding, quitting before more comes ready to smite. They’ll call you Mr. Smote. Mr. Never been woke.

Narrow is the way and the righteous are scarcely saved, you think you’ll make it home unscathed? Please retire. Rest assured you’ll be at ease, additionally, anyone who knows you will finally be relieved of your presence. Your kids don’t care, dad unaware, friends oceans apart, lovers that you’ve had decided to flee mentally then physically, it’s destiny. Why continue, don’t, hearken onto me.

Sincerely, the only person trying to help you be free,


3 thoughts on “DM from Suicide

    1. That’s how it comes to me sometime. Calm, like a friend, although we know better. One of the reasons it’s so deceptive, disgusting, and evil.

      I thank you for reading and even more so for commenting friend 🙂

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