Can We Stand First

Darling why did you come over unannounced, heavy heart in your chest?

If you wanted me, I was a phone call away but here you are asking for commitment.

Barely know anything of who I am.

Almost completely far from perfect with troubles, all my own.

Past the sunny days will you remain loyal to our home if we do this?

Will you hold me tightly after I tell my story?

Will you kiss my face if I stumble and error after the shine dims?

Do you think my body has the power to heal your heart?

Make sure, this isn’t a game, I’m tired of giving out without stability returned.

Go back home, don’t think we should be in the same bed tonight after feeling so alone.

Tell no one, don’t even tell yourself that sex will help seal this in.

Orgasms, are great but what about before and after, I’ve fallen for this before.

You look amazing so don’t think I’m not interested.

I’ve been fighting thoughts of ripping your clothes off.

We both know being aroused doesn’t equal anything else.

Both of us deserve loving hands filled with devotion.

Just a little while and perhaps this wait will be over.

In the meantime don’t come back undressed under your coat.

It’s easy to fall in love, can you stand?

Can you stand?

monochrome photo of woman standing on field
Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina on

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