Sticking To Webs

Did I get it right or am I stuck, unaware, of a snare

So much hidden from my eyes

Open them



I feel like a few more blinks then blessings will rain down

I’m waiting

Thirsty, so thirsty

Let me know,

Your will,

They laugh,

But you are moving mountains and hills.

Cleansing my mind

Rebuking evil,

If I’m caught,


In a snare,




Don’t be wroth

Don’t wax hot,

Don’t stop your love,

Surely I’ll drop,

Work and will in me,

I’ll never be lost.

Have mercy,


Have mercy,

When thou judges,

When thou stares,

Through my windows,

Up and down stairs,

To my brother,

My sister,

I’ll have mercy,

Remember grace,


Seek your face.


On fire,

And thirsty,

More grace,


And grace.


Without power, a useless vessel

Dead socket, rocket without fuel or a destination

Now he got me showing up on maps receiving blessings

In various countries, respected regions, they whisper surely light illuminates

I am a sower

He increases my reach come to Jehovah

Wallet empty now but he says watch my son and see

How glorifying my name and seeking the kingdom first works

What are your bills to me, you need connections, watch me pour them onto you freely free

Still, I say,

Hear me,

If I’m caught,

Can’t breathe,

Can’t see,

Can’t believe,

Open ways,


Have mercy,

Give grace,


Yea, please ,


Have mercy,

Thank you, Lord

Yes, please.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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