Control Tower Basics

Acceleration until I discover what I’m looking for isn’t below

If I dwell on temporary things surely a whole within me will swell

It’s so tiring banging my fists on table after table close but so far away

Swore with a tighter grasp air would not disappear

No one can follow me.

Where I go.

No one can see me.

Where I go, there are no hands waiting to meet mine

Where I go, I’m too busy fighting on and in the battlefield of my mind.

The adversary gleeful whispers that I’m cut off

Says look down here boy everything you love is lost

Where are your family and dammed are your friends

Where’s your lover oh yeah no one wants your hand

But I should be busy

Where I go no one can come

Battling forces striving to slaughter my soul

Rip my hope in pieces and paste blasphemous parts

No one can see me

They don’t know the old me is dead

Where I am

They can’t follow

My battlefield

These petty cares

Cannot hold me

Contol tower.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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