In The Middle Of Forgotten Lake February

Oh how we have fallen and I’ll turn my head when I see you next,

Our tower was great until I realized only I lived within,

Content, your words went from books to paragraphs,

Incomplete sentences to, I’ll talk to you later, maybe about anything not us,

Protesting, I cried, prayed, whined before the Heavens,

Answer given, there’s no life in absent silence,

So claim things will change, get mad and say I wasn’t going to wait anyway,

But God has every single prayer for us in my file, he brought something greater,

Washing my mind clean of us, deleting pictures of us,

Refusing to be aroused in your name, I prophesied of your departure,

Prototype, an example for the real name called by my side,

Uninhibited, unashamed, bold, willing to sit with me,

Without a virtual leash, with more to talk about in us instead of other affairs,

Some fall away when the sun rises, we would only meet in the dark,

I need light.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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