Hands Clasped In Rain

A slight tickle on my face on a rainy day

Stay a little while so I don’t look for an absent love

Who can tell when another is waiting to speak

Free from, excuses, love strong, strong feet ready to go

Instead of, staying with fear until closing time comes

Walking in love because it was a spark whispering yes when we met

And you, don’t need approval to scream my name in public to all

Don’t have anyone demanding where your heart and attention should be or else

Without shame, dance more we will, overjoyed cups more than refreshed

One kiss

In cold rain

Warmed everything in us

One kiss

And I swear no one else has looked into my eyes and held my hand as tight as you in public

Dreaming within our dreamy eyes without having to hide




Finally, she spoke

Afraid I wouldn’t feel the same

But we danced slowly in the rain

Applauded because onlookers saw our joy

Singing, those eyes

These eyes

Eyes tell it all.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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