Mercy Grace

man kneeling while praying
Photo by Ali Arapoğlu on

Have mercy

Give grace

I, don’t deserve a pinch of either one


Oh how they laugh, screaming profanities claiming I’m ignorant, they can’t see


Please give grace

Please have mercy, on a fool, broken tool, mocked and scoffed at the rules


At judgment time

Don’t turn your voice or fire up hotter than the sun

Have mercy


We both know there is no place to run and I’ve been ignorant and numb

Cannot blame anyone but myself

Not my neighbor nor enemies have helped

No one forced me to blaspheme, all my evil nightmare dream, choices made



Hard to pray, hard to say your name


Can’t be upset or surprised if you strike me down and I perish this very second

Have mercy on this dog

Returned to my own vomit swearing it was a good meal


Have you been reading my prayers

Have you tossed them out, laughing like who cares

Have you seen me, trying again

Have you decided to burn me in the end?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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