Garbage Post: Dumpster Chat

What is important today?

I was waiting on paragraphs you’d say only to realize maybe holding back is better so you get the okays and I agrees.

There will always be this and that, I cannot provide the comfort you seek so sleek when you slide out, leaving me guessing if waiting is dumb, done with questions, I’m not double minded just a tab bit impatient for real loving and beautiful blessings.

Should have never participated in watching you dance while undressing, defeated because I know every curve while you skip around this situation seems so absurd, secretly I hope for someone more available willing to explore verbs.

Pause it all, pause it all.

Wait because, what else is there to do?

What’s important? Important to you?

Waiting, or ready to move?

And I don’t want to speak unless you’re ready, ready.

All a waste time in my mind because it seems single life is better without clinging on to those too busy and it shows how smelling this difficulty knows my nose isn’t an authority, proceed to, torture my busted heart looking for parts outside for my inside.



What are you thinking about after reading this?

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