Raccoon City Citizen

Dead numerous times, dragged from the maze mind just in time.

Fine while skin peeled, claimed nothing needed to be healed while cracking.

Saw eyes in I quite unlike mine but didn’t know what to do.

I asked for more things to have while disrespecting all I had, so blind, confused.

Little prayers, caught my limp body right before my unseen end.

How many people have prayed me in? How many women have saved souls and skin in the background?

Learned I don’t deserve to breathe, don’t deserve what I have at all.

Was prideful without any accomplishments covering these costs, ungrateful, spoiled.

Rotting thoughts spreading disease and death to every intention, so far to go boy but I swore I was almost home.

Wrong house, wrong bed, deceived eyes.

Ears misled, unbuttoned coat, coldest heart.

Wrong road, the wrong part of town, Inbound.

I was dead and didn’t hear my feet shuffling, then I was rescued.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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