Reevaluate Serum

Steps away means, gravity will pull

If we examine all we are you’ll find energy flipping

Begging and pleading below better elevation

Held on to items forgetting seasons change, beginnings begin, ending end

When I let go the fall isn’t falling at all

Only stops to a prize located above within

Dried tears dust devastated far from my concerns

Sound of wind ear orgasms dancing around my battlefield

Upcoming flourish as conditions improve

All this mere steps away from need, back to main missions

I was afraid to give my waste, this wasted space

Unable to move, over encumbered, poorly equipped

My teeth grind firey arrows belching solid change if belief exists

Release, hey I’m here to distract you attractions, bad hips as in bad

Chains always seeking unaware legs then necks I’ll do good to periodically check

But it all feels so real whatever real means as strong is substituted until reveal end scene scream stream tears fade out into fears gnashing teeth without relief because of stubborn pride I died and I die to get by without being overcome you know why

Backed up and saw shadows with my back exposed plus my efforts haven’t been successful, what do I know

At least I can takeoff, never thought I could be worthy of flight, now I see different places in my calmed mind, and what day is it, today, release my fingers without delay.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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