Weight May Shift While Transporting

Heaven or Hell for you pretend I’m not interested in whatever you do

But my eyes refuse to move everyone asking why my balanced is unbalanced

Show them our old pictures and speak why I was happy with you tonight I wither

Any women? No not five, just need one happy to be with me and alive in this snow globe

Mental sex better than physical and I want both but need intellect the most

They say I’m not over it but I am while awaiting a true queen building a kingdom not damned

Researching past videos so the next effort remains purely clean a real heart detects sincerity off screen

Show me what life can be with a committed lover operating in joy and grace

But my eyes refuse to move everyone asking why my balanced is unbalanced


Nerves, I’m missing signals

Here, I desire the freedom of being single

Watching my back, betrayal

Loving comments but will she fuck my friends

Too many variables to settle in

What’s true love and do humans have an idea

Fell in love twice these bruises need ice

Sacrificed my hair, almost my life, more times than known

Not enough balance finding my wrists bleeding at an unknown altar

Deceived man almost slaughtered

Gotta stop giving dick, inches gave, miles ran, immature shit

I’m good enough to cum with but worthless when they plan

Late night quitting like a long second shift damn

Shifting weight from baby please to don’t talk

Casting away any weight preventing an upright walk

Eyes moving people asking why my unbalance is balancing

Don’t fret

Watch like it’s part of your wrist

Move to another location if you can’t find fish

Scales, hooks, bait, tackle box tactics

Don’t fret

Just like you’ve been hurt, so have I and my eyes twinkle differently

One day we’ll either be alone by choice or cumming together with a spouse loud voice

Either way a victory, balanced made for greater goods

Let passerby folks pass.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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