Burnt Two To Ways

Our experience brought me to abandoned places sworn off and away.

From afar I swore, with confident belief, in future chances of runs considered best of our lives if we stopped running from, I do.

Then I listened to you tell me about your next bedroom after mine will earn your submission.

Our conversations aren’t so deep but on your side, when I attempt conversational engagements, brakes are applied, directions changed, wheel turned. As if you don’t even pay attention oh I see my lesson here.

Burnt two candles to ways I’ve been wasting, love, don’t pour into unapproved containers, holes mocking smiles I gave awaiting her full heart. Wasn’t paying attention to a puddle’s, then, river’s, birth on the floor obviously splashing, not secretly.


She is not a guilty, I shouldn’t have kept believing, confusion and emotions danced off the mark with help, music over but my moves carried on wildly mistaken.


I was asleep in a nightmare unable to discern an exit from my want of you, totally my problem alone, no mockery in this statement or any others , scratching every minute’s eyes out, slapping me silly in cold sweats, what was this hold?

Feet in glue exceedingly stuck after paintings move please tell what I should really see? Move and remember beyond this moment greater things are prepared, discovery, and know worth.

Get clean in so many ways, cleanse my hands from chains, excuses I’ve been bundling in mistakes, holding on tight, weight miles too long.

Jumping fences, darting up high, thinking self slick, until I realize every pocket gone completely ripped and I loose rewards when I refuse common sense. Compelling feelings still winning in this court too many times with imbalanced, stormy votes, takes a minute for cool air to come ’round.

Listening to you telling me how you’ll be with the next man, while I feel full of trash, bursting, next gear now, gushing, with embarrassment from saying how I felt but a slap in the face woke me up it is a good thing, I guess. Oh yes I know, you told me because we are friends. Excuse my bad breath for just a moment because I just woke up, need ten minutes.


Still, she is not a guilty, I shouldn’t have kept believing, confusion and emotions danced off the mark with help, music over but my moves carried on wildly mistaken in assuming longevity when clearly such things don’t last long and we’re being called to different places.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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