First Light Out During A Blackout

Effective enemy inside the ring somehow in every corner including mine feeding misinformation double time and days are dim frustrating fuel efforts

Cursed inside and out wanting what I can’t have and or who I want lingering uninvited like toxic gas no escape nose pressed against the stubborn glass

Disqualified from sunlight unable to find north using a wet cold torch expecting miracles in a self-made slammer mistakes beat me daily mentally metal hammer

All support cut off enemy penis super hard watching my death in slow motion masturbating whenever I drown in sadness reborn in a snake-filled ocean

Life precious unless you’re on my loop fitting nooses disguised as holy ties I swear to God I’m doing something good then Satan jumps out the cake yelling surprise

I’m through the looking glass disoriented and any supplies I’ve been sent with I’ve spent yeah I’ve wasted every second broke no cents no sense blocked from any offense or defense day-to-day exhausted spent.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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