Sun Shun

Playing with fire in motive to see you

Should ignore gravity but I don’t want to

Yeah we’re single and my allegiance drive drives

Yours a passenger homesick and it’s not even minutes after five


Trembling feelings have never been effortless

Especially when hearts are exchanging greatly sharpened

Some days we talk for hours

Others filed under natural space


Regardless it’s not wise for me to persist

Winds carry all your days unknown locations anchors shunned

Might collapse and decline in high heat

Revealing measurements of companionship were way off

If you haven’t thought off tracks a little you have not discovered the sane insanity of love


We all gamble

Hope it works

Gut feelings

Analysis of words

Surely it cannot fail


Burning up


Waiting to drop and roll

If you do.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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