Ink Blood Pressure

Exploded pen, never a word again, are you happy, no lines or investment

And this is my gift in mystery, promote conversation, start, preserve history

Everyone is correct, until the cost for failure a headless neck, better go double check

Where we were, gone so faded, today is where we are, made it

Better dress right, if outside appearances make you feel tight, I operate inside

Same place you run from but can’t hide, projections on me but you can’t kill a dead man you’ll freeze, frozen in errors whenever you breathe

Abandoned by man, Abandoned by gods, only interested party wants my death so his penis can stay hard, large

Only demons in charge, until writing instrument plays, no note strays, up down days, it is as a greater spirit says

Bleed Ink.

Hidden under louder wheels, silent penmanship when I dip lower into this interactive movie trip, tired, hands on hip

Speaking to whom I wonder, storing soul safely avoiding plunder, but shitty experiences beat my best plungers

Took pills, didn’t see any promised lands or hills mainly mountains, faith nonexistent couldn’t stomp them

Laying blood to parchment, spirit freestyle release I slaughter self-destruction after every post even as my end closes in, coast to coast

Alone alone, or no answer when I call, no one at home, preparing a loser for a losing battle, ground up as meat, human cattle

No control, insecure saddle, still swinging, still sinking scared as hell, expanded eyes rapidly blinking unfortunately out of time I hear bells

Dinner time for my foes, dying wide awake when no one knows, red ink, book finally closed.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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