Our Stake

Hug, hand on my back I’m relaxed, no turning away I rather hear what you’ll say.

In my bedroom waiting for a reason to leave the lights on, a reason to nip at my bottom lip.

I swear there’s change after I’ve been inside, after I’ve focused intently on your submissive eyes.

What can I do to ensure my place is in your arms, won over by blessings and elegance.

Reaching out, unafraid, marbles made up I’m asking for more these days, share your faith inside with me, miracles opened.

Held tighter I understand who you are, it’s why harmony races in my heart, perfect laps without lapses.

Written in you yes us two, ground-breaking construction together in morning dew, enlightened.

Savings accounts in high amounts inside our joyful gazes between our souls, deposits rise, rise.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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