Soul Of The Red Rose

Let’s be gentle together through war years, battling the Illusion and saving our souls

Inner altar inviting me to become better with enticing inches and thoughts, I shall keep you safe

Count on me like your numbered hair, air, always here ready to be dependable, I stare confirming my satisfaction

And what do you do besides be a true partner, totally the responses I’ve been looking for, more, a glimpse past the gate, heaven’s door

Stab the sun, or forgive my killer, rules seem distorted, blurry in hurry I never lean to my own understanding because I can never grasp your depths

Gentleman all day all night until you say I can have you then the animal inside glides in stride between legs drinking you satisfied in soul, never devil’s food

Gently opening fire on anyone foolish enough to want two deaths, brought back, reminded, life, declined it.

I specialize in passion, long lasting satisfaction and what happened was is, I decided my love should be a gift to anyone subscribing now we’re thriving and laughing

When you wake up and realize I’ve been sent to you it’ll make sense, how with me there’s no offense, no need for a defense fence, time together always well spent, how do you feel

See, we know anyone else touching us is wrong because we’re already chosen anyone else is trespassing borders clearly closed in

Am I going to pass, do I have to pass, I’ve been calling, praying over your head when you’re sleeping, spirituality reaching out, reaching

What will you do, true partner or look for another, roll your dice, I’ll hold, we find strength for what we want, talking to myself again

I’ll help, disconnect connections we have, rather be first than a clearance rack grab, a rain check victim heart stabbed, thorns in, got me yearning

Told, she don’t wasn’t anyone else

I, I don’t want anyone else

Big statements in faith, now works

Where have you gone, slipped unseen

Words are pretty but alone, not as pretty as, being applied consistently

That’s where love is, pedals upon your precious head.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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