Garbage Post: Splash Of Green

Sparkles blossom before sight inviting curiosity are we ready
Steady smiling cannot figure happiness without your presence
Better than rainy days until I respected growth's process
Flowers I love on standby for drizzle lifting pedals in praise

Worship moments of peace before storms to remember balance
Put the razor down saving my anger for pushing up positive release
Constructing better ways to release waste just in case pressure increases 
Working in mental fields inspiring growth with blossoming freedom

Surely chains cannot stand corrosive changes eating away old breathing new
Called down onto me, loaded with days anew changed my direction
Make it simple to understand trees selecting my gaze while removing haze
Dirty man, dirty dirty man and ways, character change off stage then I'll be someone different 


Waterfall running towards my drought bringing seeds life
Together held tight under moonlight embracing moments
Own this forever and realize risk much better than miss so I speak
Never weak telling how I feel let me know if you're real so much almost hidden almost sealed
Here I go isolation master when I really need to be humble see clouds moved to explain
Stepped between drops of cold rain finding beauty through pain extra experience gained 

Depression says loss is everything but life says coming back home is better
Job well done under strange clouds moon or sun switching 
Thoughts were stuck under law unable to touch mercy 
Birds refused to sing in my presence couldn't trust my output
Bad outlook that's how my out looked until wind shook in a burst said right verse
Do trust
Inserting poetry in every tree when it storms lines for every need.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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