When I Walk In The Dark

On a different block, traveling without movement I analyze interactions with illusions manipulating any asleep or fueled mainly by emotion

Potions, cannot undue unbelief turned ignorant grief enemy puppeteers so good strings are an eye blink thin, before sadness arrives cancel him, stand armed

Mentally, with internal guards, intrusion detection, fact checkers always present cut every claim, reverse engineer or red flags mean ignore

Whores of sadness and rage take microphones on every stage twisting events, our buttons known, pressed to a soundtrack click yes to be overcome aback

On a different block I pay attention to dates and times, these zombies predictable, prone to attack any logic or make believe if submission is denied, show your knees

Find yourself bowing to any enemy for years, enemy now full and pleased

In darkness light breeds, in light darkness grows seeds, I’m finding more in the unknown than known, I can be laughed at here as long as I make it home.

Ship destined to wreck in unknown depths meantime playing roles in this ultimate drama, dramatically, on the wings of the fly yeah on the fly until end scene roll credits, or debit

Be forgotten at the doorstop, willing to reconsider after closing, ready for a hot bath water completely frozen, rejected previously chosen, dozing, missing the opportunity, unknowing

Afraid in my hallway until I’m wise then I’ll remember taking chances is better than an empty life and if it’s mine can I give it as a testimony, as humanly possible to completely right without taint, sanctimony

Cause boy I talk talk talk, knees fail and knock lock drop, so works needed in my own prison with creed, next level when I escape this building, my creation, unbelief.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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