Leftovers Unease

Say I’ve changed again but you never knew me

I gave glimpses, fabricated smiles, entertained you while taking notes

Weaknesses exposed but I didn’t consider you a foe

Attitude until my face displayed unease grimacing displeasure

You get left overs now instead fresh lines when we speak

If I’ve changed it doesn’t matter reading my notes written in parables

Decibels your pride cannot acknowledge boasting proudly wearing a slave’s collar

I wish you would step over triggers so I can show mistakes reproducing in your insipid figures

Swear I’m so simple as I lay in wait on time while you stay late.

Nothing new for you,


Nothing changes does it?

Stay stuck being a bitch unable to switch to understanding

Upside down in empathy on empty

Until you change you get scraps


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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