Baptism Breakaway

Past securely constructed walls in my head

In trenches fighting to live or be dead

Sacrifices on hold

Can’t decide if I’ll stay bold

Wondering around in the coldest cold

Surely spirituality will break this vessel’s mold

Pottery more than a human man

Changes standing out from other grains of sand

Even if my scriptures fail

May I keep saving lives blocking Hell

Back burnt but you’re still alive

Better than second death in everlasting life.

Gods ignore my insignificant name

Wondering when I’ll see my shame

Marveling around screaming I’m lost

Refusing to shed old ways a reasonable cost

Mountains high but I’m lower than low

Valleys awaiting my kneeling prayers I’m a no show

Xbox or an anointed mind

Still wasting precious allocated time.

Heaven won’t chase me

Heaven won’t, wait

Heaven won’t miss me

Heaven will still be great if I’m, burning.

Satisfaction in abrupt kisses

Distracted from enemy arrows missed

Surely better aim ahead

Little time to escape red dots on legs

No movement then decapitation

Better come from underwater no longer an abomination.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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