Urination Engagement

Asked to talk but what for

What about?


Finally, I’m guilt-free

Preparing my INFJ door to slam.


Fading out is what I do and so do you, with your base

Anywhere but here.


Hard for you to understand

Priorities have never been your thing.

I urinated on your engagement ring

Told God your prayers were lies.


When I wave bye

Have a good life.

Something has changed

Oh really?


I don’t care said sincerely.


I bet you don’t even know how deep love is

Swear you didn’t love me far enough.


Seed on the wayside

Sprout fast only to die.


Any roots

Any proof?

Engagement ring pissed on

Pissed away,


Thought I had forever only had what seemed like days

Told every angel and demon to watch out because of you.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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